This book has been an eye-opener to say the least.  When I first started reading this novel I would have to put the book down due to the fact that it was making me ill with all of its detailed descriptions of death by Marburg. Now that the book ended I am a little sad.  I thought that even though the author connected his story with the purpose of the novel, something was still lacking.  How could he not include information about the main characters after Reston?  I am curious to know what happened to Dalgard, Jahrling and Mr. and Mrs. Jaax, but in the book’s true fashion after every chapter the ending lines leave me with intense germ-o-phobia.  Especially part four’s ending line “It will be back” is absolutely terrifying.  I just hope that our government feels that underplaying the seriousness of the Reston incident was a mistake and will actually share life threatening knowledge with the general public.  Overall this novel has informed me of three deadly viruses and explained in detail the replication process of viruses.  This book was an extremely interesting read, and by far the most exciting summer reading assignment I have had yet!