this is a picture of the population of part of an area. The population is just the sum of all the inhabitants in an area.



Gibberellins are one of five classes of plant hormones. Gibberellins are the plant hormones which regulate growth. These hormones are expressed in stem growth, cell division, and other characteristics of plant development. They also play a natural role in flowering plants, regulating flower development and seed formation.



ATP is basically energy that can be found in any plant during photosynthesis.




auxin producing area

The auxin producing area of a plant is just anywhere that there is new growth, because auxin helps growth in plants.




These flowers used ethelyne to help open their petals.


cellular respiration

cellular respiration in plants is a technique by which the plants produce energy.


C3 plant

This bread has wheat in it, which is a C4 plant.



These mangos use ethelyne just like the flowers did to ripen and get plumper.


vestigial structure

The appendix is a vestigial structure in humans because it serves no purpose to the body.


C4 plant


Corn is a C4 plant.