This was a great way to end the book. For the author himself to go up to the Kitum Cave and risk his life was extradionary. As I read I grew anxious on what is going to happen next and couldn’t put the book down. It was interesting how he found many fossils within the cave from decades ago. The fact that animals still go in this cave amazes me. I loved the way the author compared the cave to a human mouth it made the visual of the cave easier. For the author to have found water at the very back of the cave but the cave still be dry and dusty is weird. When he scraped his head from that rock it freaked me out and left us hanging not knowing if he had been infected with the virus or not. Also when he went back to Washington to find that monkey house deserted was freaky. Is anyone going to clean that up or leave it? I also wonder if the virus will really come back. If it does will we be more prepared? This book was a great read and I enjoyed taking the time to read it.