1. Commensalism- Upon observing closely, ants can be seen on the tree. The tree provides a home, while the ants protect the leaves from bugs.

2.Cellular respiration- This plant utilitizes it in order to function.

3.Ethylene- Is found in this begonia as a method of growth function.

4.Gibberelings- Are found this this shrub.

5.Sexual Reproduction- This dog can sexually reproduce.

6.Eukaryote- This raw meat can contain e.coli; a notorious eukaryote.

7. (Disregard this picture; it is an error)

8.Endosperm- Corn kernels are an endosperm.

9.Mycorrhizae- the roots of this plant utilise this bacteria for healthy growth.

10.Vestigial- the appendix of humans are classified as such.

11. K Strategist- Birds are K Strategists.

The Hot Zone

Finishing “The Hot Zone” was akin to excising a malignant tumour. A wave of satisfaction and triumph pursued over me- because frankly it was taxing to read. It is sort of a “buzz kill” that everyone knows ebola has not affected the world as we would expect, and nothing of particular interested happened. I cannot understate how much the case of ebola is sensationalised; such work is hallmark of yellow journalism. In a truly ironic note, it would be humourous if ebola did indeed become a world-wide pandemic.