•  Calvin Cycle- grass/plants go through this cycle which is a series of a biochemical redox reactions that occurs in the stroma of chloroplasts during photosynthesis
  •  Cuticle Layer- Material to help hold to keep the fake plant intact.
  •  Auxin- Producing part of the plant where the stem stem is growing
  •  ATP- a chemical compound that cells would use to store energy or to release energy.
  •  Meristem- Found in most plants to help take place in growth
Hot Zone #4
All in all the book was pretty interesting. I was astonished when I read he actually went to Kitnum Cave. After he has heard of all the stories of Ebola virus  he still went, and built up suspense when he scrapped his hand on the rock. The book ended in a cliff hanger which was not relieving. It would be crazy if another epidemic arose in America and creeped around through American people.