these eggs show amniotic egg

these plant roots show rhizome

These thorns show plant adaption

my tiny hand represents epithelial tissue.

this represents modified leaf of a plant

the center of this flower is pollen

this represents Krebs Cycle

the yellow part in the white flower is the anther and filament of stamen

this leaf represents frond

the center of the flower is a plant ovary

this leaf is the  cuticle layer of a plant

this cactus represents a C3 plant

this represents domiant vs. recessive phenotype

Barbie and Ken are symbolizing as mating behavior

this is my little population of pumbaa’s.

this butterfly represents mullerian mimicry

this fish aquarium represents commensalism

this olive oil represents lipid uses for energy storage

my best friend is holding an onion for a modified stem of plant

my best friend is holding a ear of corn for C4 plant

Mushrooms are for basidiomycete

my best friend holds lettuce as it represents a long day plant

these crab legs represent animals that have segmented bodies

corn kernels represent endosperm

my best friend holds yogurt to represent eubacteria

grapes are for gibberellins

pineapples are CAM plants

this sweet potatoe symbolizes the Calvin Cycle

these tomatoes represent enzymes

this mold on the tomatoes represents parasitism

Bread is an unicellular organism

bananas are ethylene

this raw meat is a Eukaryote

this meat represents eukaryote

the sugar represents glycogen

this dog represents sexually reproduction

my baby cousins ear represents vestigal structure

this pool i got tossed into is full of hydrophilic which is water

the flowers behind my little cousin have auxin in the middle of them

my baby nephew represents animal of adaptation. He is adapting to the world outside my sisters tummy

ATP the trees are breathing

this tree is from the Oklahoma Bombing and has phloem on it

this bird represents seed dispersal

this crocodile represents ectotherm

this green frog represents introduced species

this represents the animals niche which is place they live