Within the fourth part of the Hot Zone, the author travels to Africa. He travels the exact same path as Monet to the same summit where the Ebola was first dicovered . Although he is worried he could possibly expose himself to the deadly virus he continues on to the summit. In the end of the book the author concludes his thoughts that the virus and all of its strains are simple defense meconisms of the earth. He states that there is sO much around us such as illnesses and much more that the virus is something that earth has created or established in order to bring an equal balance back the world.

Although it was just a book the reality of tue Ebola virus and it’s reach from society can be a little frightening. However the book itself was a good read and very descriptive when describing the effects Of such a virus. I was left with zero questiOns and a better understanding of the Ebola virus. Thank you!