Introduced species – tree
A species that humans have placed into an ecosystem or a community where it doesnt naturaully occur.

Endotherm – human
An endothermic is an organism that generates heat to keep it’s body temperature stable.

Cellular respiration – flower
It’s the metabolic process I which organisms gain energy from organic molecules

Pollen – flower
Pollen is a powdery substance, transferred from flower to flower through bees, made by anthers that fertilize the flowers.

Rhizome – roots of the plant
It is continuously growing horizontal underground stems that shoot out roots at intervals.

Kerns cycle
Reactions that most living cEllsworth create energy during the process of respiration.

Plant ovary – dissected plant
The ovary of a flower is the female reproductive organ of the flower or gynoecium.

Cuticle layer of a plant – leaf
It’s a layer of wax and cutin that cover the outermost part Of the plant.

Commensalism- fish aquarium
A place or area where there are two organism, where one benefits and one does not benefit nor lose.

Modified stem of a plant – onion
It is a specialized or transformed stem.

Eubacteria – yogurt
They are simple cell organisms that do not have a nucleus.

Gibberellins – grapes
They are plant hormones that stimulate stem growth, germination, and flowering.

Calvin cycle- sweet potato
Series of biochemical reactions that occur inside the steins of chloroplasts in photosynthetic organisms.

Parasitism – molded strawberrrelationshipbetween two organism in which one organism benefits from the destruction of the other.

Ethylene – gas
A flammable hydrocarbon gas.

I will be postin the pictures today as soon as I get out of volleyball practice! For now here are the definitions.