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The Hot Zone Part 4:  This part was short and this not only physically, but psychologically shows that looking for some of these truly ancient diseases is even worse then then a needle in a haystack (a pressure trigger mine in a mesa is more accurate). I learned that Africa is no place to take a vacation. I still wonder though why can we not identify some of these “mystery” proteins.


bio hunt #7

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bio hunt week 6

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Hot Zone Part 3: Wow, those employes at the monkey house were really undereducated about the kind of viruses that monkeys could carry if they didn’t have a “hazmat” suit, or proper quarantine procedures and equipment. I thought that this was a good part for the book, really though, I wanted the monkey that got out to give more of a fight to liven up the story but other than that it was a good chapter. In it I learned about the Armies procedures for a level 4 hot agent quarantine and the fact that the privates got the “shaft” so to speak (the idea that the inside of one of those suits isn’t a “hazardous area” is complete baloney). I am still wondering what are the “mystery proteins” that we still have absolutely no idea about and which one is the “safety switch” for humans?

bio hunt #5

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4th bio hunt

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The Hotzone Part 2: FINALLY! based on the first part I thought that i was going to die of detail. But now this is turning out to be a good read. It is fast paced and well written. I learned about the different organizations and what they could do if an outbreak occurred. The questions I still have are how will they figure out a successfull quarantine area because the people that were possibly infected have been to a lot of different places and have undoutedly came into contact with a LOT of stuff and people.

3rd bio hunt week

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Bio Hunt week 2

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The Hot Zone part 1:    HOLY DETAILS! this book is the super mix of a novel, textbook, and research paper. At times I find myself sleeping through the speculation of where these diseases originated yet exhilarated when the book goes over the Marburg and Ebola victims and the medical personnel that fall to these vicious filoviruses. I think that the book does a good job of explaining to a random reader what they need to know about the viruses (crash course in pathology anyone?) yet I also feel that they could get into the removal/ containment of such diseases more. All in all though so far I like the african tribe chieftains and their way of solving the issue of a disease infecting their people, it is simple and efficient ( not perfect though). Also If I was that person that shared a soda with Nurse Mayinga I would go to church every day until I died.

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