Scavenger hunt Post #7

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Groupings #10: All of these animals belong to the order Carnivora. The dog is family Canidae. The cat is family Felidae. The Racoon is family Procyinidae. The skunk is family Mustelidae. The bear is family Ursidae.


The Hot Zone Post #3

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I think this book is really interesting. I am amazed at how well the Army controlled everything and handled the situation really well. The whole part about Rhonda totally freaked me out. They talked about how the virus broke out in the monkey house. It made me really sad when they had to euthanize all the monkeys. I am still terrified that the virus will get out somehow and become an epidemic in the US. I found the Armies way of making sure the monkey house was sterile and clean to be cool. It was amazing to me that someone could come in direct contact with the virus and not crash.  I’m really excited about the next part of the book.

Scavenger Hunt Post #6

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Honey represents a monosaccharide carbohydrate.

Table sugar is an example of a polyscaccharide carbohydrate.

Potatoes are examples of starch carbohydrate.

Oats are an example of a fiber carbohydrate.

Chicken is an example of a carbohydrate glycogen.


Scavenger Hunt Post #5

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Wine goes through the process of fermentation while being made.

Mushrooms are examples of basidiomycetes.

Oil is an example of a hydrophobic substance.

Sugar is an example of a hydrophilic substance.

I hate worms, so I made one out of modeling clay. Earthworms are examples of detritovores.



The Hot Zone Post #2

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This book is suspenseful. I am now officially scared of everything I touch. I wonder how we are going to control Ebola if we have an outbreak. Ebola is now airborne. I am ready to find out why the source of the virus has not been discovered. So what is the source. Where is the source. How do we keep Ebola from spreading all over. How do we control it. Im ready to continue ready an find out more.

Scavenger Hunt Post #4

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This dog is an example of an Endotherm. An endotherm produces heat through internal means.

This lizard is an example of Ectotherm. An ectotherm controls their body temp through external means.

Pineapple is an example of a CAM plant. A CAM plant fixes carbon dioxide during the night, storing it as a four carbon acid.

This is an example of homeostasis. Sweating is a human’s way of maintaining homeostasis.

Lettuce is an example of a long day plant. Long day plants require less than a certain number of darkness in 24 hours to induce flowering.

Scavenger Hunt Post 3

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This ant is an example of an animal that has a segmented body.

This banana is an example of an enzyme.

This egg is an example of an amniotic egg.

This bee is an example of a pollinator. It carries the pollen from one flower to the next.

This hand is an example of epithelial tissue.

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