Hunts 7 & 8 +Hotzone

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1. Commensalism- Upon observing closely, ants can be seen on the tree. The tree provides a home, while the ants protect the leaves from bugs.

2.Cellular respiration- This plant utilitizes it in order to function.

3.Ethylene- Is found in this begonia as a method of growth function.

4.Gibberelings- Are found this this shrub.

5.Sexual Reproduction- This dog can sexually reproduce.

6.Eukaryote- This raw meat can contain e.coli; a notorious eukaryote.

7. (Disregard this picture; it is an error)

8.Endosperm- Corn kernels are an endosperm.

9.Mycorrhizae- the roots of this plant utilise this bacteria for healthy growth.

10.Vestigial- the appendix of humans are classified as such.

11. K Strategist- Birds are K Strategists.

The Hot Zone

Finishing “The Hot Zone” was akin to excising a malignant tumour. A wave of satisfaction and triumph pursued over me- because frankly it was taxing to read. It is sort of a “buzz kill” that everyone knows ebola has not affected the world as we would expect, and nothing of particular interested happened. I cannot understate how much the case of ebola is sensationalised; such work is hallmark of yellow journalism. In a truly ironic note, it would be humourous if ebola did indeed become a world-wide pandemic.


Photo Hunt

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Rice- a starch carbohydrate.

Table Sugar- Polysaccharide

Aguave Syrup- Monosccharide

Butter- The epitome of lipids


After reading the Hot Zone I was satisfied; more to speak, emancipated from such madness. The ending is obvious and hence imperative but that doesn’t bother me a bit; we are all here and alive free of ebola strains. The book didn’t particularly mortify me, but the slaughter of monkeys did. I don’t think I could visit a zoo upon doing such a deed or eat meat with such carthasis engrained. The book was fair; and a good book to read if you are without any other books.

Yeast- Unicellular organism

5th Bio hunt (Ken)

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1. ATP- An exercise bike is the epitome of ATP production. ATP is present while exercising. 2. Seed transportation- Water. Fluffy seeds float on the surface. 3.Prokaryote- Algae at the bottom of pool. 4. Meristem- the beginning of new growth. 5. Asexual reproduction of bulbs.

Hot Zone part 2

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As the story progresses, I find it more interesting. However it is no consternation that such viruses do not wreak havoc upon the world today as we know it; so to say, in a macabre way. The prudence of Nancy is somewhat alarming at times; and I shall leave it at that as I have strong sentiments pertaining to her. Although the scientists are frantically trying to mitigate the crisis of the monkey house, it is ironically the humans who are building a monkey house out of their own madness. The book is interesting but has a caveat- because the virus is not an epidemic in today’s society.

4th Biohunt (Ken)

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This once living fish was an ectotherm.

The queen depicted on the English bank note is indeed an endotherm, just like you and I.

The skin covering the hand is epithelial tissue.

Oil is hydrophobic.

Plant adaptation- This cucumber has spiked barbs on it; as a means of protecting itself from consumption.

Scav Hunt #3 (Ken)

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1. An amniotic egg

2. Oats (A long day plant)

3. Wine (A byproduct of fermentation)

4. Potato (A c3 plant)

5. Salt (A hydrophillic mineral)

The Hot Zone review (Ken)

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Is it wrong to say this book brings me great pleasure rather than mortification? The Hot Zone was rather disappointing to me; I had read much about the infamous Ebola virus prior to reading. The hallmark signs of governmental incompetence in regards to handling such delicate matters are not surprising at all, rather in a bit of sense, almost expected. As lethal as the Ebola virus is proclaimed, I feel it is blown out of proportion up to the case of sensationalism and yellow-journalism. It is easier than thought to avoid such a calamity providing one has the right materials and diligence in more developed nations. Albeit, the same thing cannot be said for decadent and impecunious societies. What does surprise me, is that another plague has not already scoured mankind. I daresay it is something short of a miracle there has not been a massive super-bug or virus; but it is inevitable and coming. Is it macabre that I would be excited if such epidemics plague the world? Schadenfreude- no, morbid fascination,- yes.

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