Part 4 of the Hot Zone

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I enjoyed the book overall, though the details were tedious at times, and reading it is making me strongly consider a career in pathology. This last section was interesting because the author himself traveled to places such as the cave and the monkey house to trace the origin of the viruses himself. It was a little spooky to know that such a harmful disease was bred where he was standing though. The metaphorical way that he referred to the cave in comparison to a human mouth was interesting and created a very real and very disturbing visual in my head. This whole book has made me a little paranoid of germs and the idea of such deadly viruses being spread so quickly and the end of the novel did not give me any closure to the fact that the virus will not be spread that vastly again.


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Calvin Cycle

The calvin cycle, occuring during the process of photosynthesis through the production of NADPH and ATP, aids in the growth of sweet potatoes.

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ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, is produced during the cellular respiration of the plant and transports chemical energy within cells for metabollic purposes.

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Anther & Filament of Stamen

This is the area where the anther & filament of the stamen would be located. The stamen is the area where reproduction takes place within a flower.

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Cuticle Layer of a Plant

This is the cuticle layer of a plant, it is waxy in order to prevent water loss.

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Vestigial Structures

Tonsils are vestigial structures because they are not vital to the survival of humans.

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This area is the dog’s niche, or home/habitat.

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