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The Hot Zone Part 4

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In the last section of the Hot Zone, the author himself travels to Africa. He travels the same path Monet does and visited the summit that Ebola was first discovered. He worries that he may recieve the deadly virus, but his curiosity trumps his fears. At the end of the book, he produces a theory that may stand true. He suggests that the virus and all of its strains are merely defense meconisms of the earth. WIth the presnce of billions of people, innovations, and destruction of nature, the earth has created or brought about this illness to bring about a balance. The author concludes that the virus is just the begining. It would come back.

I think this book is amazing! Now after reading this, I feel more informed about diseases and the reality of how close our civilization is to not just a new virus, but a population wipeout. I was not left with any questions at the end of the novel and I liked that a lot. I would reccomend this book to anyone. Thank you for making me read this Vandy!! ❤

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The Hot Zone Part 3

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Reading Part Three of the Hot Zone really opened my eyes to the wonders and mysteries of science. There were three strains of the Ebola visus evident in the world. When an Ebola virus broke out in the United States, further examination led to the discovery of another strain of the deadly and extremely harmful agent. Apparantly, this strain of Ebola contains influenza like symptoms. It is possible that the virus is airborne and enters the bloodstream through the lungs. The shocking aspect of this certain strain is that it is not lethal. Four people who were infected suffered only minimal medical problems. The monkeys who carried the virus on the other hand were not so lucky. The agent still seemed airborne, but in a matter of hours, could be contracted through more than 100 monkeys, each experiencing excruciating and painful deaths that the Ebola virus normally produces. How is this possible? How did these seperate strains develop? Did they originate in the same location or develop in different locations world wide? If humans are not seriously effected by a certain strain of Ebola, how long has it been around? Has it been in the net? Has it recently spread or has it been alive for years?

Another issue I want to birng about is with the Army. I am so surprised and shocked by the amount of censorship that is present in our society. The United States was able to hide from the public the fact that an outbreak of the worlds most dangerous and deadly virus had risen in Washington. wow. Though I understand and agree with the outbreak being censored, it brings about curiosity. How many other situations like this have there been? How many close calls has our society encountered while the public remains unaware? How close have we been to an epidemic and not been aware?

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