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This is an example of tropism. The plants are showing that they are heading towards the direction of the sunlight. You see how  this plant has more leaves on one side then the other? It shows us that it is positioned like that for the sunlight is mainly there so it is growing towards that direction. 

R-strategist and populationThis is my fish tank. Might have seen this picture before from brianas selection of posts but we helped eachother out on this one. Anyways this is a population since it is well a population of fish. population is just a group or species that are inhabiting a territory. These fish are r- strategists because of they reproduce off spring that do not require much attention within their enviornment and they do so within a short period of time.


Epithelial tissue

This is  a photo of my dogs lef. He and the other dog get into some pretty big…wrestling matches you could say for fun and well this is a bit e wound he accidentally recieved. He broke past his epithelial tissue which is lining of the skin.

This is a pciture of hydrophilic. We applied sugar into water and with the sugar mixing into the water it shows that they like one another and can mix well together as well.


My Scavanger Hunt post 1

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hydrophobicThis picture shows you how the oil and the water do not mix with one another making the oil a hydrophobic product. For Hydrophobic means that something is incapable of dissolving within water.



This is a picture of a bug that is unfortunately dead. However, this bug has an exoskeleton upon it. An exoskeleton is a rigid outer stucture that acts almost as a shell of protection for bugs and crustaceans.

Flower OvaryThis close up of the flower is showing you this flower's ovary. The Flower ovary is used for the reproductive system of the flower.



This is a Damsel Fly upon a stick and the leaf. I know it is hard to see but look closely and you will see it. It is a rich blue color. Anyways this Damsel Fly has a segmented body.


 This picture is a bit hard to see but these flowers contain a stigma upon them. A stigma is the high point on top of the pistol of the flower and it is the receptive part of the pistol where pollen is depositted on for reproductive uses.