Part 3

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The light innerbark is a phloem.







The ground meat represents prokaryotes because  E coli is a prokaryote.







This is a rhizome.







This represents the different types of carbohydrates.







This pretzel im about to eat represents organisms on different levels of the same food chain.


Part 2

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A ripe  banana has a lot of ethylene in it.







Eubacteria is the bacteria responsible for creating yogurt.







The picture of this bush represents gibberellin which is a hormone that regulates plant growth.







The stem of a plant is one of the places meristem can be found.







The soil represents mycorrhizae because a vital part of soil life.

Last Photo hunt part 1!

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This photo represents asexual reproduction because plants reproduce through asexual reproduction.







The yellow part of the flower is the auxin producing area.







All of this is made possible through cellular respiration!







This represents commensalism because Nemo lives in an anemone!







You can’t tell but there is a fly on the swing and fly larva is maggots and maggot are detritovore.


Hot Zone Part 4!

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In the final part of hot zone the author tied up all the loose ends by traveling to Kitum cave and to the monkey warehouse. I found the fact that he went back to where the whole thing started risking a replay of what had just happened. I also found it to be like he left the ending open even though the book is a true story when the author was talking about the spider in the monkey warehouse and how the spider could start spreading the disease again. I thought over all the book was a good read but there were some parts that were very tedious causing me to struggle to get done in time. But I am glade I read it and would recommended it!

Photo hunt 7

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Burning carbon is an example of redox reaction.

This picture represents lipid use for energy stoarage because french fries have a lot of fat and fat is a lipid used for storing energy in the body.

Cork is an example of cambium because of its structer.

This photo of dead grass represents tropism because of the fact that the drought is causing the grass to die.

This pine cone is an example of gymnosperm.

photo hunt

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This is my finger being hydrophilic because it is in water!

This is my finger being hydrophobic because it is afraid of the water!

A dog panting represents adaptation of an animal  because dogs can’t sweat.

Photo hunt

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Well we have finally made it to part 3 and I have to say that it is getting grueling because I know how it ends, considering I am not dead of Ebola. I will admit that this part was a little more suspenseful just because of the fact that an 18-year-old has to go into the monkey house at Reston. It was depressing that they had to kill 400 monkeys sick or not. The part about the bad dream with the monkey holding an infected needle was a little creepy especially in light of the fact that the victims of Ebola basically become liquified on the inside. The main thing I found scary in this part is the fact that the virus has possibly become air-borne. All in all the book is suspenseful and pretty good.

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