Proud teacher….


That’s me!!!  You guys are doing a fabulous job and much appreciated work. 

I realize that it’s a task to get it all posted, and keep up with the due dates, but it is my hope that you are immersed in not only your summer break but also a bit of biology — I hope that you are learning quite a bit prior to the class even beginning and that it will help you straight out of the gate, day ONE!

I am anxious for our class to begin — take care and keep up the GREAT work that you are doing.  I am proud to be your teacher.  🙂



Great job on Week 1 posts!!

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Good, good job, folks. I am quite impressed!!!  I hope that it was as easy it as it should be to use the site — if you are having any issues, let me know.  I appreciate the work you are doing.

If you know of someone who is not getting the work done — maybe a student who you are friends with and noticed there is no post — I’d appreciate you getting the word to them that this MUST be done, as agreed in our summer assignment contracts that were signed by both student and parent.  These are for a grade and late work will be accounted for as late — with points deducted for each day late. 


Thanks all!!!

Adding photos to the site….

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Hi all!  As I write, I am going to walk you through uploading your photos.  When in the box where you write your post, look above the grayed out tool bar and you will see the words, “upload/insert” — if you scroll your mouse over the first icon, you will see that it says “add an image”.  You can use that tool to add your images.  I have noticed that it won’t allow uploads of photos with the extension .bmp, so make sure you save them as .jpeg, or some other format.  That shouldn’t be an issue if you are uploading them from your camera — generally, the photos you “copy” from the internet are the ones with the .bmp extensions.  I am looking forward to seeing your first works!  🙂



Is it hot enough yet?!??

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Hi all! Hope you are enjoying your summer so far — I am sure your plant is glad to have you in this heat.

I am back in the area and survived the AP Biology essay grading. I look forward to sharing what I learned with you all.

Reminder–your introductions are due in my inbox at, today by midnight.

Thanks!! Stay out of trouble. 😉

Native to TEXAS!!! :)

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On your summer packet, backpage, it tells you “native to New York” — should state:  “Native to Texas”.  Plan accordingly!!! I apologize for the mistake.  😉

See you TODAY, June 2, sometime during or after school!!!

Remember that this was a MANDATORY meeting and necessary to complete your summer assignment.

Your attention needed!



Thank you for your attention to getting your work taken care of so far!  If you have added yourself as a user, please make sure you check your email address that you provided for me.  It should be allowing you access to the site as a “contributor”.  This is necessary for you to do your summer work and post your required assignments.   If you have received the email, please post a comment (appropriate, of course) so that I can see that it is working for you.

I look forward to working with you all this upcoming school year.  Have a great summer!!!  🙂